Classroom Behavior

7:11 PM

In the past, I used the card system (green, yellow, red.) Kids who were on green at lunch time could eat with me! Those who were not, could choose to eat in the classroom OR play at recess. Generally, kids chose classroom.
This year, being moved to 2nd grade, I needed a new plan. One of my team teachers had seen a rainbow classroom management system. It is a long vertical system used with clothespin. The colors are purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. I have my kids start on green. They can work their way up and get little rewards, or move down the rainbow and earn a consequences. It seems to work. It is a visual that the kids understand. It also works well with the positive reinforcements. The kids can go up and down just as equally.
This is today's tid bit!

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