Seven Months Strong

7:54 PM

March 19, 2010 I officially ended my journey as an available female for the Ychromosome species and entered into this crazy thing called "Marriage."

Let me preface. I'm the gal who tried to date and usually failed worse than a football player on a calculus midterm. I was interested in the good guys, but I was never there at the right time when they were single. You see, the "good guy" was always picked up by some other girl. The guys I dated were usually the self-concious type. In fact, I was told that I was "undatable" by my former boyfriend due to my 'perfection.'
Then there were the OVERLY confident.  You know the type... Great hair, great eyes, great arrogance. I don't like trying to stand on pedestals. I'm too clumsy. So, those weren't keepers.
And for the other girls out there who have dated they own share of losers. Been there. Yea, mine called me to break up with me. He had to because he was going to be a daddy. Yep, for a young lady's baby. Poor thing. Oh, and did I mention he dumped me on Valentine's day. Yep. I'm THAT girl.

So, for the single women of the world, I hope that you know you're not alone. However, don't feel bitter. You don't want to be the "other" woman who breaks up a home. You also don't want to settle for loserman.

So, what do I have to bring to the table? Why should anyone care about the meandering thoughts of a chick who has very little (if any) knowledge of the world? I have nothing for you. Only, you can know that you are arn't alone. I am new at this whole thing, and to be honest, I'm not sure that I'm really going to be able to post this. All I know is that I need to write my thoughts. I need to know that I have meaning here. I need to know that I'm not alone, even if it is only me who will read this.

So, for now... this is the beginning of the rest of my journey.... at least on this earth.

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